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Catrine Community Education & Visitor Interpretation Centre

26 February 2015

While most of the projects I get involved in are very frantic with very tight deadlines, some are slow burners. The Catrine “Community Education and Visitor Interpretation Centre” or CEVIC is one of those slow burners. I first got involved in the project in May 2012 but it had been going already for a number of years by then. In 2012 I was appointed joinly with another consultant as ‘Interpretation Project Manager’. My role is to create the (mainly digital) exhibits while my colleague’s role is to manage a community consultation and content creation programme for those exhibits.

There have been many twists and turns on the way to creating the centre via a community ‘right-to-buy’ application for an existing Manse and Chapel and renovations. Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to see the progress on the building. It’s looking great!

I am so excited about this project because it’s a centre that is really going to be ‘by the community and for the community’. All the content for the interpretation will be developed with community groups and members, from the Audio-Visuals to the panels and digital exhibits, the website and event the GPS-enabled walk-guide App.

The Catrine “Community Education and Visitor Interpretation Centre”

I will write more about this project in future blog posts I am sure, but for now a good summary of the entire project and the wider context in Catrine can be found in this article in the Daily Record newspaper.